weird dog lady

i've had an album on fb for quite some time titled "because i'm a weird dog person." i am. i am a weird dog person. i love all animals yes, it is true. but i love my animals in a sick and wrong way. they are my children. sometimes i don't love my finn dog, but we're slowly working it out. most of my time is spend with my dogs-it is sad, but true. they're home alone for 9 hours (if not more) daily and it is just selfish to feel entitled to own an animal and then leave them home for 9 hours while you work, followed by gallivanting around town doing what you want, just to leave them home alone...for more hours. thus, i go home after work and hang with my dogs. i don't mind it much, for i love being home. i'll get out-for a hh or a mani/pedi. i'll go on a quick shopping jaunt or to the grocery store. but my heart aches for them while i'm gone-poor poochies.

all that jibber and jabber leads to the following. enter-a series of pictures of my animals...because i'm a weird dog mom (and cat aunty).

 Finn poking his head up from the back seat to be close to dad:)
Baxty taunting finn in the early hours of the morning from outside-finn stuck inside SLEEPING ON MY PILLOW...naughty dog...while dad snoozes next to him.

"i just got fixed and am soooo exhausted i can hardly keep my head up, awake or not"
static ears!!

preciuos sleeping poochie

sun baby
napping with mom

"dad! please let me sit on ur lap while you drive! please!"
hanging wiht mom while she dries her hair....

had to throw a baxty shot in there-loving the semi-spring time weather.

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