promise BREAKER!

i haven't kept any of my promises to this blog. i apologize. life has been a bit difficult see with the business of it all....the lack of a working computer at home (soon to be fixed!) and other priorities weighing me down....i've broken all my promises to this blog.

so lets start now...i'll try to be better....once comp is fixed life will be different.

TODAY-large news:

first this:
my sweet friends sarah and darrick were married. i coordinated the wedding  day-of and it was just gorgeous! that girl (ok ok...and boy..) have mighty great taste. fantastic people and simply in love...it's gross;)

then this:

my fantastic-example-of-a-married-couple, all-over-great-folks, sweet-friends-and-now-NEW-PARENTS, julie and jacob washburn had their first beeb. Avery! She's presh...and yes...this is taken mere hours after delivery----when i'm prego i'm walking the entire way thru it with julie so i can look like this after i push a watermelon out of my whoha...just sain'. beautiful fam!

more to come.

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