sitka and spruce

i went on a loverly saturday morning date recently with my friendie-poo megan. she's fab and so is sitka&spruce. in fact, it's TDF or to die for. i've been wanting to go for some time and simply...haven't...per my usual-it's been on my list for over a year and i haven't gotten around to making it happen. same goes for the slew of names i love but haven't looked up the meanings of,  books i wish read, movies i'm dying to see...the lists are invading my phone yet haven't been applied to much.

back to S&S. as many of you know, i'm trying new things in life. i've been stuck in a rut of sorts. sad a lot, lonely while the husband starts his business, can't figure out what i want to do for a living or at least spend the next few years doing, blah blah blah, sob story. as i try to connect with the few and extremely amazing friends i choose to hold on a more regular basis, i am gifted with finding out so much about myself...my 25 y/o self. i had a hard time with 25.

THUS! i've been trying to use my free staurday mornings to do more than clean my home and have quiet coffee time...i get enough quiet time as is-with the husband gone at work....and we all know how i'm always obsessively cleaning my home-my home with endless to-dos, fix-its, and things of this sort. getting out is good for me (repeat, repeat, repeat) and the dogs will do fineeeeeeee (even though they've been alone over 50 hours this week...ALREADY!)

OK...this time really tho-back to s&s. it was amazing. it was all i hoped and dreamed it would be. megan couldn't have been a better date-in being a foodie herself. i loved it and adore her. she-herself....is growing into someone new-ish...i've only known her just over a year and can see beautiful changes in her!

food time:

ALL IN ALL...you must go-if you haven't ever or are hungry for delish, local, organic, BEAUTIFUL food....go and experince a little seattle, a little PNW all up in those tastebuds!

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