seattle love

i love seattle. i really do. i find it silly when people cannot seem to share my love. it's strange. yes-seattle is gray at times, it rains more than it shines more than it snows more than whatever else. but i love it. i've grown to love all seattle is. seattle has taught me many lessons about myself. i've experienced the most dramatic, wonderous, amazing things in this city-and i love it. i fell in love in this city. i bought my first house in this city. lived with males other than my family in this city. ate the best food in this city. graduated college in this city. shenanagans..in this city-all over this city. i love the culture. i love the diversity. i love the normalacy. i love the greenies, the hipsters, and the opposites of it all.

i love that in one drive i can see this:

then i can turn my camrea to the left and see this:

i love that i can walk two blocks from my house and enter wonderland with my pups like this:

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