sophie grads!

SO much has been going on lately. really, more than i can even mentally keep up with. among the daily grind of wishing i had something more meaningful to do with my time, along side of work....taking care of and updating home, hanging out with my pups and my besties, quality time with the husband, the husband working and naps, life is just so much to juggle!:)

this past weekend i went to yakima to see my sweet baby cousin graduate from high school...that and to get a little mental health recovery/relaxation time-muchly needed! i couldn't be more proud of my sweet cousin. she's heading off to PLU and doing things so well..just so right...just the way i wish i would have....she's awesome!

garden stool @ aunty and unc's house

destry jaimes photography (rockin' card) check him out!


caprese salad skewers...

more delicious grub

peony <3

amie making a recycle bucket:)

sophie at grad

sophie, aime, aunty, uncle...proud fam!

aunty and i...oh, and creeper des!:)

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