an update on my goals for 2011

i've realized that my "goals for 2011" found HERE haven't been STARTED even close to completed and that i'm a sad excuse for a human being in 2011...considering we're half way through the year (um excuse me???). THAT being said, and in my defense, i've actually done quite a few other little things that qualify as productivity-personal productivity of course.

  1. maybe i haven't started working out but i've cut my caffeine consumption down SERIOUSLY, starting drinking far more than my usual intake of h20 and have been generally taking care of myself more-including but not limited to bi-monthly mani-pedis, a little more adequate sleep, breakfast eating...the little things.
  2. andy and i have fallen out of our date nights due to things like birthdays, folks being in town and etc. however-we were date nighting it quite a bit (and far less sporadically than we currently are/have been for the past 1.5 months) even if these nights consisted of a dinner out and a movie in followed by falling asleep on the couch...heh.
  3. the house is no where to be done but this is due to severe lack of time (hello agency!) and funds! more updates here to come regarding a)finally a bar top! and b) work on the front yard...oh yeah!
  4. we won't be going to CA this due to the fact that we have a wedding there next year:)
  5. hair is getting longer...and i love. bangs are rockin....oh this and that.
  6. the restaurant outings have been successful however i've forgotten to take note of where i've actually visited...a few sushi restaurants, sitka and spruce...here and there.
hey-i still have sorta six months left right?:)

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