the summer is winding down and f-a-s-t. although it hasn't been much of a summery summer here in seattle, i've had the itch to get out and do fun activities with the husband. we are busy people. when we're not busy people we're lazy people becuase we're usually such busy people. with the house reno and now yard reno moving slowly due to ALL THE WEDDINGS we've been invited to this summer (not to meantion wedding related activities and our regular this and thats) we've had no time for little fun here and there outdoors with one another...and of course the kids dogs. we're either to-doing, wedding attending, or resting from the both! we've had a great time at a slew of different activities/weddings/gathersings however////

this summer, i'd love to:
  • go hiking
  • go kyaking
  • go to colorado and visit the fam and the glass fam
  • a trip or two to yak-i need more sun/pool/family time
  • road trip to CA with the bartley fam
  • more trips to the dog park
we'll see how all this pans out in the next few months!

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