the shower. no, i'm not going to branch off into my shower routine (although i find this fascinating...i truly do. everyone has a different routine for the shower-it's perplexing to me...ridiculous i know) although i'm sure that's just the type of nail-biting blog reading your looking for.

no, no, i'm going to branch off into the most peaceful time of day for me. i don't think it's any secret to y'all that my job isn't anything close to dreamy. that when i say i'd rather be cleaning toilets-i'm serious. that being said, after a day of being at my office, the only thing on my mind is peace....and my never ending to-do list/after work routine. usually i come home to the hustle and bustle of a home that for me, is dirty and a clown-car like house full of animals. once i get all of my to-dos accomplished, it's shower time...my day is now mine.

shower, in the evening? you may be asking. isn't that what 5th graders do? you may be curious. answer: duh-on both accounts. these little details mean nothing to me. because a shower in the PM is worth it. i also don't think it's a secret to y'all that i'm not actually a fan of the shower-i only wash my hair a couple of times a week and the actual task of having to get into the shower and use 10-20 minutes of my day up stresses me out....like the rest of my life...it just stresses me out. no, i don't want to be a ball of anxiety ridden craziness-but i am. there, i've taken the first step to recovery and admitted i have a problem.  i also don't like to sweep, vacuum, mop, fold laundry and etc. but, much like the shower, once it's finished i have such a sense of peace.

after being in a kitchen, and around elderly folks and the opposite (17-20 y/o staff) and all the stress of work all i want to do is wash myself clean of the day. once my home related to-dos are complete into the bathroom i go. i love our bathroom-like the rest of our house it's far from finished, but it's ours and we did it with our own two hands. i leave the light off and the door cracked. the seattle light is so soft, usually overcast and pours in through our bathroom window in a way that one cannot help but love. awkwardly, the dogs just relax during this time-usually i open the shower curtain to finn lounging right outside the bathroom door and mini sitting on the bathmat with her ball just waiting. there is no noise but the running water or on occasion a little music still left on my iphone from the days drive home and housework...pandora singing me into a relaxed and peaceful state of mind.

 this is a time that settles my soul. the opposite of most, my shower never leaves me wide awake and ready for the day, it leaves me ready for the evening. ready to relax with a book, my tv show, a snack and my pups. the to-do list, although never complete just waits. the errands i cannot bring myself to run after work as my pups have been home alone for 8+ hours hardly exists. the evening is mine. maybe i'll prep some dinner, maybe i'll nap...ok DUH i'll always nap. maybe i'll play online, or dream about 5 years down the road....but the time is mine. thank you shower.

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