weekly weekend recap...

firday was the capitol hill block party. smokey hipsters, tasty alcohol, fabulous music along side of THATH cupcakes, excessive recycling and good company made for an amazing evening to say the least. and andy and i ended with yougrutland...even though i vowed never to eat it again after it took over my body for the worst on our first visit!

saturday andy worked-as usual. i went around our neighborhood to local yard sales-my fave. i came home and cleaned up my goodies, admiring my loot...oh how i love a deal. an old mirror, some wooden spoons, some glass vases and containers used as soap dishes, candle holders, and all the above, wooden and wicker trays-such great treats to warm my space up!

we later grabbed lunch at our fave dive bar and then headed out to a high school friend's wedding. laura made a ridiculously beautiful bride. she wore my veil as her something borrowed and did it justice to say the least...she looked amazing!

sunday night was amazing. we went to sarah and darrick's home for a cajun cook out. well sort of cajun...it was delish. crab, clams, corn, salad, shrimp, potatoes, fresh picked cherries and the list goes on! always amazing grub time at the bartley's! they've done so much work on their home and it was seriously inspiring considering the condition of the dhause house!!! considering the day was one of the very few amazing and above 80 degree days we have here in sea, we followed up dinner with a drink refresh and a nice stroll along lake washington!

we ended up walking through a new development and a house was completely open. risking being thrown in jail (kidding) we ventured in and checked out the layout.

oh how i live for the weekends!

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