dear husband

oh husband. you are endlessly patient with me. i honestly don't know how you do it. in the two years we've been married you've taught me a great deal about myself. i've changed a bit here and there as well and you have learned me. put up with me. you have grown too. it's been great to be with you through those times. living life with another is the most difficult, and most wonderful thing i have ever done. i know i give you quite the run for your money. i know we are almost perfect opposites. but i also know you love me. you'd probably already be gone if you didn't. i am thankful for you. i am thankful we have made it two years together, bought and remodeled a home, adopted a new animal, fostered another and with everything in between are still walking strong. yes we sway at times, things are never perfect, but things are pretty blissful. dear husband, i do not need anything special form you. no grandiose gift or large gesture of your love. a flashing neon sign would be nice but is not necesary. all i need is for you to be near. for you to tell me you love me. just for your presense. you have given me so much of yourself in the past two years-it's silly. i should be more thankful for you, husband. i should let you know more often. you're wonderful. you're an amazing human being. superawesome, in fact. i could go on and on, but instead i'll just say happy 2nd anniversary and thank you for you.

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