my weekend, at a glance

this weekend was lovely. i, as i tend to do, had my moments of glory and downfall-but there was something just peaceful and magical in the air this weekend. especially on sunday.

then there is today. per usual, mondays are a shit show very challenging experience. i don't know what goes on here, at my special place of employment, during the weekends. i remove-completely remove- myself from this place when i am not scheduled to work. part of my heart hurts that i don't care as much as i normally would (for work, for life outside of my home/personal...) however, on the other hand my mental and emotional stability is far more important to me than a paycheck. ALL of that being said, i feel as if (and in fact hear) that the weekends are completely different than the regular work week here in said special-place-of-employement.

this, although highly perplexing to me, is also discouraging. come monday, i note a thousand things that get neglected and a million little fires to put out. all is well though, as i start my week being talked down to and rushing around at 7am with a phone on my shoulder trying to wake up a server who hasn't called or shown- all while i set up a morning breakfast even though i didn't know about until right before it is to occur. sigh. monday.

but today-although starting off rocky as it always does...feels like a movie to me. everything i type i read to myself...in my head of course- as the letters come out onto the screen, much like tom hanks on got mail or whatever that movie was with that puffy lipped short choppy blonde who was in when harry met sally......

today-every song makes me feel like my life has constant background music. like the world is happening around me as i drive to work, staring into the traffic polluted air in front of me, pondering life to the most amazing sufijan stevens song ironically playing in the background...perfectly depicting the happenings of my entire existence. you know that part of the movie-the emotional music comes on and your life has a soundtrack...today my life is a weird movie, with a soundtrack and mental commentary.

back to this weekend. this lovely weekend.....

saturday was full of errand running. we've been trying to get window coverings up at our house...we currently have beach towels and old blankets nailed to our soon-to-be-replaced window trim...it's really really custom and adds great character to the house....or is straight up ghetto-that too. i returned a number of rods and drapes that i've purchased that didnt' work, found the exact rod i brought home last week for $65 in the wrong color but right size on sale for $35. bought it anyway-like it enough-getting the job DONE. then found two small rods on clearance-$5/each (!!!) for our bedroom. much like the living room rod-these rods are not what i would pick out if dollars weren't an issue and if i didn't LOVE  a deal but they work and will hardly be noticed. i haven't purchased curtains yet...because andy's dog chewed holes in our duvet cover so that'll come first.

then the bach party came...it was glorious. festivities were great, champagne was tasty, dancing was sweaty.

on sunday we had brunch at via trib. one of my favorite places. there is something so calming about this place. they play good music, have relaxed service, have an atmosphere that i love and the pizza is to die for...i mean TDF. we shared an entire bottle of prosecco and made-our-own-mimosas. we sat and talked for 2.5 hours or more-catching up from not seeing one another for more than an 30 minutes on saturday. it rained. we cozzzied up inside. it was wonderful.

we went to andy's office. he made some calls while i dusted the blinds and cleaned the bathroom. finn and mini looked out the full glass door-amazed at all the cars and action in the area.

we meandered around green lake. mini sniffing her way to doggie smell heaven and finn freaking out at anything that moved-leaves, water, ducklings, humans and the wind alike. i wore boots and a chunky sweater, andy his rain jacket-it's mid-july....

the weekend ended with movie watching, snacking for dinner, late night treats, curtain hanging, house cleaning, general relaxing. we didn't get work done on the house as planned but the rain tends to put a damper on sanding and repainting doors or moving dirt into the front yard....we'll see how it goes next weekend.

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