lately, there have been a handful of specific things i've been searching for on CL. y'all know i dream of staying home and just buying things off CL just to turn them around into something beautiful that i sell for 1902840x the price.

a few things i've been needing...ok or wanting include a new dining room table set, a console/entry way table, and old dresser for the guest bedroom, some rugs that need a little breath put into them for new life, and a steamer trunk...ohhh how i want a trunk! And BOY are there some gems on CL right now...of course i'm too cheap for anything above $45 but still!

image 0 $75

image 0$75

image 0$75

image 0 $40 (but in olympia!)

image 0$90

image 0$50

image 0$45 (but in puyallup!)

image 1$40 but won't write me back!!!

image 0$85

all todiefor. loveloovelove. storage of blankets, as a bedside table, coffee table or couch side table...love!

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