it's been on the list since before the kitchen even began...chalkboard wall. since this actualization, we then made a few mistakes..finished the kitchen (mostly), textured said wall, realized wall was very small, etc. however, none of this have put out my fire of desire...this is not meant to sound gross...get your mind out of the gutter.

see, husband thinks it's not worth it. the wall is small, the fridge door opens up to it, we'd likely should sand down the texture, blah blah blah...i still want it. i want my chalkboard wall. i want to write merry christmas and happy holidays across the top of my kitchen. i want to leave husband sweet messages/reminders/notes and make a grocery list at a whim...right on my walll...love it.

it may or may not happen, it's low on that priority totum poll i spoke of before however, i want it! i want it soon! the only problem i see (besides the work that will have to go into this small project) is the fact that i fear i won't be able to stop. i will paint boards and hang them around the house, i will pant the backs of doors, the tops of jars, i will paint, paint, paint. i will be an uncontrollable chalkboard paint painter!!!!!! some example include:

i mean, tdf no? just see for YOURSELF!

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