friday was a bust. nothing was good about friday. no photos were taken. nada. sleep was needed and that was that.

saturday we went to the sweet wedding of some of andy's college friends wayyyyyy out in lynden. no, we didn't get to enjoy it fully as we had to rush home to tend to the dhouse zoo...but it was a lovely evening nonetheless. every plate was a sweet different piece of china, the flowers were straight out of someone's beautiful garden....it was just blissful. the sun poured through the surrounding trees....love was in the air for these two.

sunday was long-good long. we visited home depot, bought a bunch of random things to start alllll sorts of special projects, worked on getting the random unnecessary household items out of our garage and on craigslist, cleaned house, ate lunch with my parents and baby brother, sold some of said items on CL....productive!! this upcoming weekend we're going out of town. i'm nervous to leave the dogs and cat behind. fingers crossed we'll have a relaxing weekend with friends in OR. more on that later...:)

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