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my nerves are racing today. few small developments going on over here in kirsten land (it's a happy but perplexing place-y'all should come visit). i'd rather not share allll of said developments but i will request PRAYERS PLEASE-happy thoughts, candles lit, meditation...good vibes my way this week please!! i so appreciate it and you and all that happy stuff:).

as i'm sitting here trying to avoid letting my  better, crazier, insane, out of control  anxious whole half completely take over- as if it already hasn't get the better part of me i realize that likely, i should a) take a few deep breaths, b) stop drinking coffee, and c) REMEMBER to eat...all good things....air, no caffeine, food...very good things.

on a more sane happier note we had a great weekend full of productivity and soreness, yet again! andy finally bought me this little number:

and projects will commence. until then....peace and love folks

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