it's beginning to feel a whole lot like fall around here. let's be serious though-we're in seattle. seattle is a beautiful place (i harp on this fact often) however, this summer has quite possibly been the worst seattle summer i've ever personally encountered. it's no surprise-seattle is a gray place. the sun is not like it is in say, yakima or much of colorado....OR FLORDIA, CALIFORNIA, HAWAII, TEXAS...BLAH BLAH BLAH. we are superextremelyridiculouslystupidlyamazingly blessed and happy when the sun comes out. and yes, this city in the sun is as amazing and wondrous as everyone claims.

that being said, it's gray here-for the millionth week in a row. yes, i have been wearing my scarves all "summer" long and yes, i love it. my eyes are accustomed to the drear. when the sun comes out my eyes burn and my body goes into shock and thinks it's much hotter than it acutally is.  lately however, i've been thinking about the crock pot, the stews and soups i crave and love making during the chillier months, my boot collection and how it's been neglected due to hopes for a sunnier, hotter summer season. i've been, in fact, craving my sweaters, my boots and jackets, warm coffee on a blustery, colorful, crisp autumn day with the hubby. yard work and house work making our noses red and our fingers painfully chilly.

 i've been dreaming of getting my autumn decor out....my collection of orange, brown, red, golden yellow. my pumpkins, ceramic and real alike. i missed this season last year, when it rained a ton and we had missing walls...no kitchen...ya know. i had to beg andy to get on the christmas decor boat when it was finally time...he did and actually happily however in a half completed home...christmas decor is a low, low man on the totum pole.

this year, this gray, stupid, ridiculous excuse for a summer makes me crave fall even more. so lets get on with it seattle. stop trying for summer and bring on the fall...i know how well you do fall<3.

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