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i've created a home update entry i've yet to post. i wanted to provide a few more pics...oh well:) i'll post it today anyway.

i believe i've started off about 85499 posts with what i'm about to say....y'all know i love making lists. andy and i...as you also have heard 85499 times haven't been able to work on the house much...time and money are a rarity around these parts lately and we've exhausted ourselves with what we've accomplished regarding our humble abode thus far. HOWEVER, here is a handy dandy list of what is left to complete....watch it shrink as we accomplish these endless tasks and please keep in mind these are BY NO MEANS in order of importance:

  1. trim-baseboards, window and door trim.
  2. sand and repaint doors-interior, closet, bathroom, closet you name it.
  3. have sammy clean up back yard
  4. lay patio, grass and all landscaping in back yard
  5. finish rock trim and load front yard up with dirt, landscape
  6. remove large birdbath in grassy half of yard
  7. new windows
  8. patch and repair siding in back of house (from removal of one window and replacing another)
  9. paint house, add trim and shutters
  10. install brackets under bar top
  11. install drying rack, cabinet, countertop, shelving in laundry closet. get doors for laundry closet
  12. *someday* install closet organizers in both bedrooms
  13. *someday* tackle back house-panelling down, texture and paint walls, replace closet doors, remodel bathroom
  14. *someday* take down garage, put up small storage shed, install vegetable garden
  15. can't think of anythign else but this is what is hot on the brain right now...:)

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