as many of you know...i'm not much of a sports fan. i used to be. i love the atmosphere, the vibe, the food. but my husband you see...gets sucked into sports. sure, sure, i do the same with my crap TV and my home improvement shows but the difference is that i'm still present in whatever i'm doing. i can fold laundry and watch. i can sweep, dust, make dinner, SPEAK TO, ANSWER AND HOLD A CONVERSATION with the husband and all while watching. the husband you see, on the very opposite hand, cannot do a thing when he's watching sports-outside of drink beer that is. he hears not, speaks not, does nothing. THUS, i hate sports.

fantasy sports are the worst. not only is andy sucked into the tv but the computer screen as well. we all know i'm at fault for similar things-the computer and i are very close after all. but again, i can function in a normal capacity while engaging my friend. andy...no. not much of the multitasker when it comes to sports.

i never really got fantasy sports. i tried to be part of a league and was completely disinterested. that is until my father brought the most amazing thing into my life; reality tv fantasy league. GENIUS! i would win this in a second. i may in fact try to start a league of my own....we'll see.

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