weekend recap

apparently this blog has turned into mostly weekend recaps. whatevs. i love it all the same.

Friday we went to Cuoco for anniversary dinner. husband had scallop risotto and i had the hazelnut panchetta gnocchi. andy bought me flowers. we went to our fave-via trib for dessert and drinks.

saturday i went on a date with megan. walrus and the carpenter=love. we had wine, oysters, clam tartar, dinah cheese from vashon island, radishes and house made butter, the list goes on. we stopped at staple and fancy for a dink and followed it up with cupcake royal where i ate my fave-salted caramel. love having a foodie-friend in miss megan.

sunday the cement blogs and crumbles sitting in my driveway for 8+ months finally called my name...and kicked my ass. i'm still sore and am pretty sure i need to go to the chiropractor.

we went to a going away party for a friend and enjoyed the sun.

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