things on my mind

  1. grilling-every night all summer....love
  2. big changes at my office-fear of being budgeted right out of the place. but seriously. losing my job.
  3. NEEDING a porch. patio. back yard space. must spend time outside. 
  4. how sore i am from literally moving 8k lbs of concrete....no...literally.
  5. new bedding. new bed. love my bed. 
  6. the sound of a fan. humming gently in the back ground.
  7. babies.
  8. food. eating. hormone free, antibiotic free, organically vegetarian fed meat. yum.
  9. popsicles. 
  10. my snood. scarfs. the things i love about fall. 
  11. walter getting fixed...walter is my macbook. <3.
  12. seattle sun. how much i love it.
  13. working out. physical health.
  14. being married for  2 years. 
  15. pedicures.

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