awkward and awesome

drawing tons of inspiration from new blogs as of late...hip, hip hooray! thanks to the day book i'm starting up a few of my regular weekly posts (remember good music monday (or was it fridays?) and scrubs day sunday and wedding wednesday?) and adding a few. 

the day book includes photos of herself and info on her current outfit on her version awkward and awesome. i'm just not that snazzy. i love blogs that do this...and we all know that i'm a big time deal finder and thus have tons to say about clothes, deals, home goods, etc....however i'm lazy and embarrassed and this is labor intensive (beg the hubs to take pics, upload pics, pick the best pics, remember what clothing item was from where....) so, likely all of that won't be happening. however, awkward and awesome will happen - here goes nothing:

  • being stuck in a snow storm and apparently losing myself while i also lose sight of the ground...how does someone who is usually so on top of things run out of TP, coffee and cat food in the middle of a storm?! SO unlike me. plus, using paper towels in the bathroom? well....you can finish that thought.
  • figuring out how to drive around in this city in the snow. i'm from yakima, wa....snow is not a problem there, actually getting a snow day RARELY happened growing up. pretty sure i went through drivers ed...in. the. snow. here in seattle, life shuts down.
  • sitting on the floor blogging for hours....because on a day off...i cannot stand to just sit on the couch all day (mind you, stuck at home!). say it together now, tushy is numb!
  • daily interactions between finn and our mailman....needless to say, i don't think we'll ever be friends
  • bursting what seemed like 45 million blood vessels in your eye and having to walk around a)with your dated, ill-fitting glasses on all week, and a SCARY eye...
  • mlk day was monday=day off=three day weekend. worked tuesday. snow days wednesday and thursday....so awesome. that means it's thursday and i've worked one day this week!
  • having two extra days off with my husband this week. waking up and seeing him, being able to go back to sleep, and then being physically stuck at home with him. no to-do's to be completed, no house work to be done, just yummy food, movies and TV series catch ups, naps and good times just the two of us.....and the dogs. #blessing!
  • while seemingly everyone i know is losing power at their homes, we're still up and running here. someone knock on wood if you jive with that type o' thing (i obviously do not...).
  • cream cheese and smoked salmon scramble with hashbrowns (breakfast yesterday) and chocolate chip pancakes (breakfast today), 'nuf said.

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