happy list

ten things that make me happy:

  1. forgetting my grocery list, then getting home and noting that your memory actually served its purpose and you only A) forgot a few, unnecessary things and B) didn't really end up buying MUCH extra, random crap you didn't need
  2. the last few nuts in a bag of almonds, they seem to taste so delicious
  3. ice water, with a straw, in a plastic cup with a lid...throw in a lemon whydontcha
  4. girl scout cookies. ordered. to arrive towards the end of feb.
  5. receiving personal phone calls while at work from the hubs
  6. spending my sunday reading, cleaning, baking, cooking, and lazin' around
  7. LUNA chocolate peppermint stick lip balm
  8. avocados....and how they make everything taste better
  9. little pockets of sunshine.....while we're experiencing so much RAIN!
  10. a skirt that doubles as a dress, and feels like pj's. oh wearing pj's to work- my daily goal

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