thursday awkward and awesome

no, i didn't do wednesday words to remember yesterday nor did i do thursday awkward and awesome last week...i'm busy ok?:)


  • taking a lunch, and not returning to work....b/c my car broke down. straight up in front of my house will not make a sound when i turn my key....strange and stupid (there's a new one!)
  • having a very serious conversation with my husband about the kardashians....who are we?
  • watching boy meets world almost every day this week while i do my makeup....
  • lunging at my dog to stop him from angry-barking at sweet school children walking home from the elementary school down the street
  • getting involved in a community group 1x/week. love.
  • wednesday's event. spending the day on safeco field raising dollars for cancer research....good time:)
  • having an overnight visitor this week...two actually. cannot wait to see my aunt and cousin
  • decorating a co-workers cube for her birthday....and being super proud of my work (not that i didn't have some great help). thinking i'd like to make a ribbon and tissue paper pomander canopy for my own cube....dreams:)

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