i haven't desired much in life. ok, ok, who am i kidding? i've wanted everything under the sun! sure, sure...i have an on going list of needs wants for the dhause house....on going and going. and of course my wardrobe...sheesh...a pair of black pants (or 15), more work appropriate shoes...flats specifically, THIS DRESS....seriously tho? love. enough sweats and leggings to last well into my 30's...you know, basics.

then there are the wants, general wants- to start my own store front, to have a baby...like yesterday, to have my home finished, sold and have a new home (yes, already), to go back to school, to work part-time, to work part-time for my husband, to have a ranch full of dogs...rescue dogs (crazy dog lady...i wasn't joking when i said that...17 thousand times within the past 7 years), to be financially stable, to not have that strong pull (that want) to do everything, all at once, to experience it all...a want to not want, exactly.

THEN there is that desire, want, need to move my family to India and work with the kids of bangalore...oh, i miss inida...

and on an extremely, ridiculously lighter note....i've always wanted an alice in wonderland themed party. if it wasn't an insane idea, i would have had an alice and wonderland themed wedding (maybe for a vow renewal??). for a fun, light hearted friday blog post...enjoy some AIW party ideas:

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