right before the new year i made a change. a "pre-new-year" resolution of sorts. i, cold turkey (no pun intended) stopped eating meat. now, now, i'm one of those, and always have been, cheater type vegetarians. see, dairy and i don't get along so dairy based protein isn't going to cut it for me. thus, i keep goin' on the seafood. i up all "protein rich" veg, grain, nut, legume options and in the deal...i end up eating my omegas (thank you salmon, etc.).

all of that mumbo jumbo being said, i've been on the hunt for "meaty" meatless options. i still need hardy meals, or i eat (andeatandeatandeatandeat). andy and i have started having morning shakes.....ok, sometimes they're also afternoon shakes but that's that.

usually they consist of: one banana, 1/3 c. nut butter (peanut or almond), 2 c. spinach, 2 cups frozen fruit of your choice (we like berries especially), a couple tbs of honey and flax seed, and 1/4 c yogurt. Sprinkle in some ice and enough dairy free milk to get you "shakin' (or smoothy-in') and you're good to go.  of course this makes two fairly large smoothies...so you can cut down on some of the ingredients if needed. YUM!

so yesterday, after two nights of less-than-normal sleep....i didn't get up to make shakes. i couldn't. luckily, i slept in just enough to wake up to THIS sky...i love the tiny view we get from our home. every weekday morning i get to see the sunrise, and surprisingly, it's usually gorg! this morning it was especially beautiful (naturally my iphone didn't do it justice).

from there we moved to my car not starting. it seems it had just ran out of gas, however, it is far beyond need for a tune up. THAT and we notice that someone scrapped my front bumper (likely parking)...as if my poor little car needed anymore dings...funny thing was that usually andy leaves well before i do. this day, i literally said, wait for me and we'll leave together! praise God we did...sheesh!

luckily this ment the hubs drove me to work, one of the many things i miss about my (and his) old job. although i'm not a morning person and usually just sat quitely in the car, those 15-20 minutes in the am with him were priceless. this morning in particular, we grabbed a starbucks (thank you, santa), looked at a possible new office location for him and he dropped me off EARLY to work. the walk after work wasn't as pleasant, as he was stuck in traffic trying to get to me and i just kept walking. freezing. wet. blah.

HOWEVER, lunch went a ltitle something like this:

and for serious, it doesn't get much better. israeli couscous with red quinoa (i made a large portion for myself - i'd say i had 1.5-2 c. total), cucumber, red pepper, minced spinach, carrot, a little pepper and a dash of home made vinegarette and YUM...top it off with a little avocado and life is AMAZING. no kidding.

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