i stated writing this in oct....my oh my how time flies

you may remember my goals for 2011 post. if not, you can remind yourself here. i laugh a tid bit as i def. have NOT completed this list....but thats the fun of it right? below is my list for 2012....as i'm nearing 30 (Lord save me...puke!) i believe i'll be more serious about this list this year. lettering in red are the items that are making a second appearance in 2012....no further comment.

  1. finish my house-yard and all!
  2. get in shape...really tho:)
  3. make a quilt
  4. take my husband to California...poor kids never been...silliness!  we have a wedding in CA this year...we've practically already checked this one off!
  5. actually get my wedding dress cleaned and boxed -- i said it before and i'll say it again....shame on me.
  6. go snow shoeing
  7. start hiking with my dogs AND husband
  8. plan and get through my sister's wedding...without being prego...cereal though #girlcannotwaitforever
  9. find my signature 2012 nail color....:) a yearly goal
  10. REALLY take my husband to CA (yup it deserves a second appearance)
  11. Europe or Thailand....'nuf said
  12. go camping, husband, dog-children and all
  13. get a tattoo....maybe 
  14. train my dog...just sayin'....finn needs to get his life in order...!
  15. rent scooters and "scoot" about town
  16. celebrate my 5 year anniversary (i'll have been dating my hubby for 5 years (key word dating) this year!)
  17. master pie making
  18. get back to my pescaterian ways
  19. get back to writing snail mail...who doesn't love a handwritten letter? at least once/month
  20. start keeping a journal again
  21. continue growing my hairs out...no chopping it off half way through

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