things i'm lovin' right now

  1. theraflu.....giving me moments of feeling better:)
  2. finally registering my starbucks card. i've never really been into this, and don't get bucks often, but it's fun for when i do.
  3. finding new blogs and adding them to my blog roll...oh i love new blogs
  4. spotify
  5. while we're on the subject: s. carey...everything by s. carey, motopony, and the new jason mraz song
  6. rich in heart  by sinful colors...it's been on my nails all winter
  7. three day weekends, thanks MLK
  8. hearing that a homegoods is coming to the sea area....finally!
  9. how peaceful my house is when the pups are asleep
  10. how beautiful the sun rise and sun set has been for the past two weeks. something wonderful to wake up to.

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