yet again i've had a few rough days. i thought, once i got my new job started that things would be great again. and they were, they are. don't get me wrong, i live a blessed life. but there is always something.

why is there something? because there must be. for me, there must always be something. something to challenge me. to remind me. to sadden me. to strengthen me. it's all part of the journey of life. my journey. and they're all different, aren't they? that's it and that is OK.....it's not easy, and at times i hate it. at times i wish i could just stay in bed and forget....it.

there are always the good days too. these days, not as easy to share, to write about. the days that include drinks with my husband in the sun, the dogs running around. the days when my back yard and endless house projects feel inspiring and like possibility. potential. the opposite of those rough days.

today, it's semi-snowy. it's mlk day. it's a stay-home day. it's a sick day. it's all of these days at once. the past few days, i have been sad. sick. discouraged. they come. they also go....praise God they go.

i've been able to spend today, relaxing. day dreaming. lazing with my dogs. prepping veggies and fruits for smoothies. sweeping. doing laundry. blogging and reading bloggers thoughts. i came across this:

i found this to be endlessly inspiring. in one of those moments when i really need inspiration, the next thing in life, that next stage - calling my name....yet so far out of reach. it taunts me and all i can do, all i have never done, is yearn for that next stage. that stage, when reached refuses to be appreciated, and the next stage is yearned for. the endless cycle. the grass greener. the next one over richer in soul. in color. in flavor. in thought. 

"I walked outside toady to find it was just like yesterday, nothing had changed and i loved it just the same."

i cannot wait to love tomorrow, the tomorrow that is just like today, the today that is just like yesterday. today, i yearn for that day. 

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