thursday awkward and awesome

  1. wearing leggings as pants...i've taken a great liking to this as of late....yet i always feel like i forgot to put bottoms on....ek
  2. when people ask me why i work at the hutch....when i have a degree in nutrition, sigh
  3. my birthday, and explaining why i don't like it
  4. realizing over and over how fast time blows by as you age....yet another reason i don't like my birthday...anxiety!

  1. new embosser at work=awesomness...
  2. getting quotes for a new fence, praise God for a fence dogs cannot break out of!:):)
  3. planning a small gathering for my husband's 7th birthday, the fact that my husband has a 7th birthday
  4. sock buns. i've always been a hair up girl, i've always been a bun girl....life just got easier for this chica who hates to wash her hair
  5. adding a new events RSVP folder to my mail box....means one has passed and the year is moving along...fun!

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