(wednesday) words of wisdom

"i was afraid as a child. i was afraid of everything. i was scared of water-i couldn't swim-i was scared of trucks on the turnpike, and mostly, i was scared of ghosts. but at some point, i realized something. a ghost is something you create yourself-a man's mind makes it happen. if there were nobody on earth, would  ghost still have the chance to spook somebody? no. you manifest ghosts through fear.

the words of marcus garvey resonated with me, he said, "fear is a state of nervousness only fit for children. men should not fear. the only thing men should fear is god. to fear anything other than god is to offend god." i carry that to this day: enlightened men do not fear."

author unknown

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  1. Just so you know, the author of this passage is The RZA from the rap group Wu-Tang Clan from his book "The Tao of Wu"