i'm not a fan of birthdays. i think we've had this conversation a number of times. birthdays just aren't me, they aren't my thing.

wait, wait....my birthday just isn't my thing. i just don't find much joy in aging. i literally hate that about myself, but it's the truth. i cannot find joy in the joyful things....the knowledge and experience i've be blessed with. the number of good great accomplishments and gifts i've stumbled upon within the passing year. nope...instead i reflect on all of those things i haven't  done, all of those things i want and desperately need to do....and haven't. time is ticking away and i'm wasting it.

it's foolish, this i know. it's utterly ridiculous and in itself, a waste of time.

now don't get me wrong. i still celebrate. last year i went to cave b with the hubs...it was amazing and so fun. i also got to stay home from work on the actual day of my bday, get my new counter tops installed and my mama came and hung out with me....as anxiety inducing as a birthday along with strange men in your house installing counter tops may be..it was great. it was.

this year i have a three day weekend, again...thank you pres. day! i plan on lazing, getting a massage, seeing PINA with my hubs (couldn't be more excited), sleeping, going to top pot, hitting up the dog park, and workin' on my doors....strip, sand, paint - say it with me now!!!

25 was a hard age to turn....26 is proving to be slightly worse...closer to 30 than 20? i almost threw up in my mouth right now just typing that out....yes, threw up and cried.

here's to prosecco and making the best outa getting older!


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