as of late

you know when life just gets you, sucks you of time? that's how it's been over here. all good, glorious, fun, wonderful things, but boy...am i exhausted. exhausted enough, in fact, to skip out on blogging, happy hours, and general day-to-day-to-dos. but, i'm back...or so i hope.

between STILL trying to get my rhythm down at work, constantly having different challenges within the home reno, and trying to keep my friends/family/dog life in balance...girl is TIRED!

i always think to myself, "if i'm tired now...what will i be like with children??!!" and then i remember the joy that is to be experienced, the happiness that only babes can bring....and i just know that although my level of "tired" will be unlike anything i've ever experienced (after all, i am the world's most easily exhaustible person), i will have achieved my "calling" of sorts, and that will make it all worth it.

as of late, the husband and i have achieved a good deal...i read the hunger games series, we installed counter tops in andy's new office which leads us to an almost complete project, we started getting quotes on a fence and looking for patio materials, installed new french doors to our laundry closet, found a new sushi restaurant, i've been planning a baby shower for my dear friend, and are working towards a handful of other plans (europe, california, trips home to see family, etc) that will hopefully result in a memorable and love-filled year.

although at a glance i can hardly keep my eyes open, life is filling with blessings...exhausting, sweet blessings.

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