UPDATE: the dhause house

i haven't done a dhause house update in a LONG while. and by long...i mean what? a year maybe. i'm pathetic. i guess there hasn't been much in the progress department going on as of late. little things like our dog losing her eye, money, the agency and time have really set us back on our productivity levels! however, we're ramping up to have a fence put in...so the second the weather starts getting purdy again, we can lay our tiny patio and start working on landscaping both the front and back yard.

here's a little taste of what we've been working on (and yes, we know it's not much...:)

my $10 craigslist find, to be sanded (almost complete) and stained...i'm thinking paired with either retro/chic chairs or matchy matchy (andy's choice) traditional babies and a bench.

we've stripped, stripped, scrapped, stripped and sanded our doors....a no where near complete project...in order to paint them this summer.

we've received a handful of quotes for a fence in hopes to get something rolling THIS WEEK!

i've shopped, and shopped, and dreamed and DREAMED and shopped some more:

andy's office was painted and new carpet was installed...we installed the entry counter and he's almost ready for move in...not dhause house related...but still:)

french doors went in to FINALLY cover our laundry closet....BLISS i tell you! and last weekend put door handles on which resulted in even MORE bliss:)

then there have been all the little things: replacing our smoke alarms (ruined by dude who textured our walls...if you'd like a recommendation of who NOT to use, call me. Price was decent, product and performance was CRAP!), installing a dead bolt on our back door, finishing putting our cabinet knobs on our cabinet doors, installing a hardwood transition piece between the "hallway" and the bathroom floors, getting other small furniture items we've been wanting, andy's laid bits of trim all over the house. we've talked long hours about what to do with our siding and windows....sigh, etc. although the progress has been minor, it sure feels like we've been workin' our tails off.

the project has been draining. we, eh hem, i am a firm believer in only having what you really need.....however frankly, we have more than we need. we live within our means yes, and yes, our home is tiny, and yes, we look back and sometimes want to burn it down and yes, there have been so, so many tears cried over the stress of this house - but it's ours. sure, we'll grow out of it quickly, but we hope we can finish it and enjoy it for a few years before that happens....and then we can move onto our next project....after we rent this tiny hell hole sweet, precious home out (hopefully). i'd like to think i won't do this again, and god willing i won't get involved in such a large project again, but maybe something small, that needs updates that won't take years:)....that i can manage....ya know, with babies running around:)

ps: if you're interested in the minimum of what is left to do on the dhause house, please check out my new page tab at the top of the page.

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