sunday mornings are my favorite. honestly, i love the sun. like, love of my life, love the sun. but i am slowly turning into a true seattlite and those mornings, those weekend mornings when it's a gray mess outside, really warm my heart and make me feel o' so cozy.

this morning however, is sunnier than ever. my back door is agape so the dogs have outdoor freedom and my home smells like fresh spring air.

i love sunday mornings. they are my favorite mornings. more so when that ghastly grayness covers the sky, but nontheless, today is glorious.

sunday mornings andy goes and plays open gym bball. i usually wake up before him and quietly get to my daily home tidying. Dishes done, laundry folded, another load started, house swept, counters and table wiped clean, dusting started, andy's breakfast and lunch for monday made, dogs in and out, coffee brewing...just peaceful.

andy will get up a hour or more later and i'll make the bed, changing the bedding first (if i haven't on saturday which is my usual routine). he showers and i make him some breaky and pour him a mug o' coff. then he's off. and i get precious, uninterrupted, coffee, tv and internet time. i catch up on my this and that's, my blogs and youtube videos. i do not worry about being productive as this is my relaxation time. the dogs are always well behaved on sunday mornings, as if they know that it's my time. if it's lucky, the bathroom will get cleaned (not this morning, even though it needs it....BADLY!!), but mostly, it's just my quiet time. it's the only time i really LIKE not having the husband around.

he'll return two and a half hours later and we'll start the grind. working on the house and the yard, to-do's completed and the go-go-go in full force, making the morning so appreciated. oh sunday mornings.

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