we built a deck!

and by we, i mean andy. i mostly played on my phone, cleaned up the yard and complained about the heavy lifting. our neighbor keeps popping over, saying, "wow! a deck in a day!!!" and although it took about 2.5 days, it sure feels cool that we built "a deck in a day!" i am so very proud of my hubby...the wear-er of many hats who threw this deck together like he knew at least 98% exactly what he was doing....cool dude i tell ya!

i realized i've never "hung out" in my back yard. not once in two years. it's always been a mess. although it currently still is a mess, it now has a clean area to grill, make s'mores, lay out and generally enjoy a little outside time. there is a light, although itty bitty, at the end of our "outdoor" tunnel and i'm finally beginning to really like our house. to feel like i can enjoy it as my home. baby steps!

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