this weekend healed my soul a little.

saturday i met with friends to celebrate another mama to be. go figure. aren't all of my girlie friends brides or mamas to be? sheesh! we completed the day with dinner on the deck and a fire to roast marshmallows over. it's been months since we've taken a weekend off to ourselves, let alone a SATURDAY!

on sunday, andy and i stole away to menchies....of course. from there we drove around west magnolia....i.e. my dream neighborhood. you simply feel out of the city, without being in suburbia in west magnolia. i love it. of course, i need upwards of $700k to be able to live there, but a girl can dream, eh? we took the dogs and walked along the water view, found some steep stairs and took them to wherever they'd lead. from there we found a crack in a gate and finally our toes met the water. finn drank a bit before realizing it was the sea.

it was so peaceful. a little secret place for just us. i felt like, "oh yes, this is what it feels like to NOT be bogged down with to dos! i remember this!" and i loved every minute of it.

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