spicy lemon shrimp pasta

while andy was doing his "fitness challenge" with a handful of dudes (resulting in 25+ lbs lost on his behalf...super proud of him!) we were off the starchy, carb rich foods. honestly, i'm not much of a carb girl....outside of candy, sugar, pasta, fruit, fruit, bread...;). however, through this time, i totally didn't miss it...it was wonderful!
recently though, as i've been reintroducing some of these things into our life i stumbled upon a light, healthy and delicious pasta dish (thanks to my sweet buddie, suzanne!) and she looks a little something like this:

amaze...i kid you not. easy as easy too. follow the below.

  1. cook pasta, whole wheat linguine preferably, although my picture doesn't reflect that preference....must use whatcha' have!
  2. in a pan put 3 tbsp (ROUGHLY!) evoo, 1/2 medium diced white onion, 2 cloves diced garlic (more or less depending on your taste), a few good shakes of red pepper flakes (or if you're me, a few generous, happy, fatty shakes) and saute for a bit until onions become translucent
  3. lightly s&p to taste
  4. put in veg of your choice, i recommend asparagus (2 inch pieces) or broccoli with a tbsp of h20, cover and cook until veg is cooked through, al dente
  5. put your clean, happy, NON-farm raised (that's WILD PEOPLE!) shrimpies in with onion/veg mixture and cook until they reach doness.
  6. add pasta, including a little (maybe 1/4 c.) of the pasta water (i usually cook my pasta at the same time as the veg mixture so i can take the pasta with tongs directly from the water, without draining, which in turn gives me just enough of the starchy pasta water in my veg) and stir
  7. squeeze the juice of a half a large lemon over and mix, don't be afraid to use too much...the lemon and heat from the red pepper flakes make this dish!
  8. s&p to taste sprinkle generously with parm
  9. serve hot...and i mean right out o' ur pan...don't wait. it's just too tasty!

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