year 3

today is anniversary year #3! i cannot believe how the time has flown by. i have learned so much about what marriage means, so much about myself and about serving another person....honestly, i cannot think of another situation that has provided me with such an education. there have been lots of ups and downs...it hasn't been the most glamrous 3 years, ya know, house remodeling, business opening and dog adopting is work....but boy has it been a blesssed three years and boy has it been worth it. i feel behond enriched and stronger as a person as a couple. i am blessed to have found, above all else, a best friend in another person. and lucky me...he can never leave! muuaahahaha *evil laugh*.

in all seriousness, marriage is work. it is brining two lives together. lives with different personalities, hopes, dreams, values, etc. but the magic of marriage is exactly that! bringing two extremeley different, yet extremely similar people together to better one another and int urn thoes around them. it's rather wonky and crazy...yet somehow it works. when it works, as it works, it is wonderful. litterally the stuff of dreams. it is magic, real life magic. and it feels that way...like this wonderful miracle...very "how-do-i-deserve-this-esq" and the future only seems brighter (enter cheesy music). there is so much room for new, growth, experiences...it's almost overwhelming. how cool, no?

first date

vaca/engagement in mexico

engagement pics



little family

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