ridiculous things i've been thinking about lately

  1. book writing
  2. having babies - having A baby
  3. patience...and my lack there of
  4. getting rid of cable
  5. how i could simply eat s'mores all day, many days, every day, lots of days. s'mores
  6. moving to yakima, living in my parents house, not working and laying out by the pool 24/7 (heheh)
  7. wearing rings on all fingers
  8. professional blogging, like actually trying
  9. cin/sugar top pot donuts (and s'mores)
  10. how i no longer nap, or sleeping in - talk about changes


  1. Here's how Ill fix these conundrums.
    1) I will read any book you write
    2) We can share my baby
    3) No one has patience, bc patience is ridiculous.
    4) I don't have cable and it is nice at times.
    5) Have you ever had smores pop tarts? 2 DIE 4
    6) Please move to Yakima, thanks.
    7) Rings= Blings Blings
    8) You would make bank with professional blogs
    9) Donuts, nothing better than that. YUMZIE
    10) I miss sleeping in too, I feel like an old lady now

  2. Only question..... How often do I get to have drake?;)