catching up, august

i've been so, so mia lately. with summer being so busy, and lack of house work being accomplished, alongside of actual paycheck collecting work, and a handful of ridiculously luxurious yakima-weekends....well needless to say, my blog posts have been slim to none. TODAY THAT CHANGES. or so i'll try. a monday at the office could mean any number of things.

a good solid handful of weeks ago i became deathly ill. i kid you not, thinking i had salmonella again sick. it was strange and uncomfortable and turns out about 9 others from my office were also sick. that same week/weekend, our sweet friend phil came to visit from NYC. i was heartbroken that i was so sick. i was gross and had the sweat/chills and frankly, i'm sure i looked as glam as i felt. poor philly-boy. i feel like we made the best of it. but andy and i will def have to fulfill our hope to go visit him in the big city.

following being so sick and not eating for days, i ate everything in sight. it hasn't been pretty, for me, my body or those around me. i mean...the non-meat-eater ate chicken nuggets....again, not pretty.

that next weekend, we took advantage of the 99+ degrees in yak. my sweet friend, cordy, celebrated her soon-to-be baby and andy and i let our skin cook in the delicious sun.

we made it over the pass, and just missed the taylor bridge fire. which later resulted in my family being evicted (but without damage! praise god) from their home. insanity.

seattle had it's hottest week of the summer. naturally i loved it. and i did some insane-think-i'd-be prego-cleaning/nesting around the house.

other that that, i had a few lunch dates with the hubs, found an amazing trunk (with a vintage coach purse inside) along side of the street, went on many family walks, ate (and naturally documented) some delicious food,

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