the mac

our tv died last week. it's new - less than a year old. aggravation! y'all know how much i love my tv. too much - this weekend made me realize. it's my background noise, it's my andy when there is no andy around. it wasn't that i was upset i was missing out on my precious tv...it was that the house was too quiet, there was only so much cleaning, laundry folding, dog walking, book reading, napping and ipad using that could occur. the silence was appreciated but was awkward. tv is getting fixed this week....no worries. crisis averted.

the point of this you ask? i brought in my old mac from the back house on sunday. andy and i went up and got all the cords and speakers, etc. i loved that thing! it's the one with the half circle base and the long neck that moves around - remember thoes? years ago, back during my CWU days i stored it/let a friend borrow it while she was in summer school. long story short, somehow my iphoto was deleted along with a good portion, but not all, of my photos.

now, if y'all know anything about me, it's that i document everything by photo. always have. last night, andy and i went though folders galore of old kirty-pre-spu/andy/real life pics. not only embarrassing, fun, and ridiculous...but embarrassing, fun and ridiculous.

they got me to thinking....holy hell, how different life is. how different i am. how different i am from 2005 -the boozin' cwu sophomore to a - moved to seattle, had a fling of a relationship, had a handful of jobs, started at a new school that was far more serious, and got a little more serious about life myself kinda gal. i met the husband and pooffff....here i am. a recycling, dog adopting, house remodeling, event planning, food loving, simple home-body seattlite.

i have different friends, different pets, a different home, a different outlook on life and fun and what it means to be an adult....wow i thought i had it so figured out. in turn, i had and still have NOTHING figured out. it's amazing.

i miss the simpler times, sure. i miss a good portion of my friends that i haven't kept in contact with. remembering good times with them....missing them and the silly fun...friendship fires have been put out, lives are all so different. kids and marriages. jobs, travel, homes.....it's amazing how the pages turn and the chapters continue on.

so happy to be in my chapter now, and to have experienced the chapters past. so amazed at the change. so interested in the future.

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