dhause house exterior stage 3

....naturally, the front of the house left us feeling super accomplished and with a sense of 'phew! weight lifted!' it was awesome. we were sore. but we were DONE -ish....and then we walked out our back door.

the back yard, all dirt and a deck we built last year, was my nemesis. the "back yard to-do list" was one of my most dreaded lists and if you know anything about me, you know i LOVE lists.

it felt endless and impossible. i had weeded and weeded. killed darn near almost everything there was to kill, and now it was time. we worked endlessly and let me tell you, i have an entirely renewed appreciation for landscape artists. yard/outdoor related work is NOT. A. JOKE. and i hate it. as this was a multi-stage process. i'll just give you a quick rundown and share some pictures of the mostly-finished back yard:
  1. remove one large tree - DONE
  2. lay dirt, lay sod - DONE
  3. clean up "rock area" - DONE
  4. lay dirt on rock area, plant ground-cover - DONE
  5. patio furniture - DONE
  6. stepping stones - DONE
  7. prep and lay patio - DONE
  8. plant greenery around patio - DONE
  9. clean up around back house - (sorta) DONE
  10. lots of little mics. - DONE
  11. talk about never-ending needs/wants - ON GOING....
(back yard, prior to removing HUGE tree)

(back yard, without tree....notice the SUN)

(no tree, view from deck)

(rocks clean, getting prepped for fresh dirt)

(fresh dirt!)

(fresh grass!)

(more grass!)

(from backhouse)

(back hard, in process, view from deck)

the list of to-dos never ends here. we want so many things for our small yard which is mostly backhouse (post to follow) and the space provided has to be highly functional. thing we have left to do include:

  1. pressure wash and stain fence and deck
  2. build vegetable garden bed
  3. lay weed guard around backhouse
  4. lay rocks/pebbles in front of backhouse
  5. lay bark in front of backhouse
  6. paint garage and replace door (totes counts for back yard projects)
  7. and on and on and on

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