the backhouse

so, if y'all have never seen my house via instagram or fb or what have you, you are unsure what i mean by "backhouse"......it's not half as special as it sounds. it is literally a tiny, detached, "house" of sorts in the back of my actual tiny "house" . my yard is tiered and on the upper tier lives the backhouse.

we i wanted to demo it completely, and now looking back that would have left us with an awesome yard. but the benefit of keeping it and the cost of ridding ourselves of it outweighed the larger yard (although even typing this i have a gut feeling of "DAMNIT").

the backhouse, once finished, will be a catch-all. it was once a small space, with an unusable closet, moldy outdated bathroom and some serious plastic paneling. we rented it out for a short period of time, we used it as storage, we even slept back there for a week while our floors were getting refinished in the middle of a snow storm.

now, the backhouse has been gutted, the mold taken care of, new drywall, plumbing, and electrical installed, textured, painted, tiled (mostly) and floored....new floored....floors have been installed! soon, it shall be a mancave, zen-den/yoga studio, place for my sewing machine and foot ball games. a quiet space in the morning for my meditation and above all else, a second living space unique to the house, the dhause house.

the backhouse has been a difficult project. we don't NEED it, you see. it's not vital to our existence. we gutted it and made a good push on completion until the sun came out and we switched modes, finishing most of the exterior. now, as football season is in full swing and i'm beyond tired of seeing andy sit on his butt in front of the TV all day on sunday and i need a space for me to have some quiet time...we've hit it hard. the progress looks like so:

(behold, the backhouse before, during and during)

(the damage....)

(demo and cleaning)

(framing and electrical/pluming. how hot is my husband who did this LITERALLY HE. DID. THIS)

(how scary...but all new! electrical box)

(andy hanging drywall)

(andy tiling the shower)

(starting to tile, the red is a moisture barrier)

(mini enjoys getting in the way helping me tile)

(one of MANY trips to home depot for the backhouse)

(again, hot husband....this time installing floors)

(where we currently are, almost done with the little cabinets, and no where done with the bathroom (on right))

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